Understanding the Importance of Security Camera Lenses

Understanding the Importance of Security Camera Lenses

A surveillance system is a beneficial tool for monitoring the inside of a structure, a building's perimeter, or countless other applications. Home and business owners alike are turning to cameras to keep employees and family members safely out of harm's way. However, picking the perfect security camera can be an overwhelming task. There are what seems like never-ending amounts of models equipped with different styles of lenses.


The Ins And Outs Of Fixed Lenses 

A security camera with a fixed lens is ideal for a lobby, entrance, or other general observation type applications. It has a set focal length, a fixed horizontal view, and requires a person to move the device manually for adjusting the amount of detail that gets captured. This design is also the least costly of the three types of lenses, so if money is a purchasing factor, and the area being monitored is small, consider a fixed lens security camera for your surveillance needs.  


Think About A Zoom Lens For Capturing Even The Smallest Details 

Security cameras with zoom lenses cut down on the initial system expense because consumers do not need to buy many pieces of equipment. For instance, a person can install one zoom lens device to monitor a lengthy 150' driveway, while other types of cameras would require multiple cams to do the same job. Users adjust the focal point via a joystick or video management software, and the zoom feature produces the largest field of view between all of the lenses. The design makes reading license plates simple. Unfortunately, obtaining high-quality video does not come cheap, and security cameras with zoom lenses are also some of the most expensive devices on the market.  


The Best Lens For Your Business 

 While there are a substantial amount of things that can lead to poor security camera performance, with unfortunate results, picking the right lens for the application will help you achieve the best outcome. Don't hesitate to contact a professional technician if the decision or installation become too much to handle. They will be more than happy to help you choose the correct lens and get the system functioning properly. Contact us to get your new, top-notch surveillance system today.  


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