Security Camera Resolution: What You Need to Know

Security Camera Resolution: What You Need to Know

More people than ever before are turning to security systems to protect their homes and businesses. The equipment is essential for locating trespassers, monitoring child, employee, or caregiver behaviors, and producing a safe work environment. Consumers visiting tech stores are often overwhelmed by the types and kinds of technologies available. They pick the model with the highest-resolution and only assume that it is the right one for their setting. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  

Not all resolutions are appropriate for every application. The details that security cameras capture are dependent upon a variety of different factors. For instance, setting up a wireless 4K cam with high-quality infrared capability should produce vivid, crisp, and detailed images. However, if the WiFi network becomes flooded with traffic from additional devices, the video will likely appear choppy and distorted. Therefore, regardless of whether the resolution is 4CIF, 720p, 1080p, or 4K, if the application is not right, the security equipment will not produce the results that the owner seeks.  

Resolution Makes A Difference 

A security camera with a high-resolution produces more detail than those with lesser resolutions. However, this aspect does not always make them a better solution for surveillance. For example, a 720p cam with stellar low-lighting capability will achieve better video than a non-infrared 1080p device when recording at nighttime. Hence, without night vision, even a high-quality security camera will leave objects and people unrecognizable. Do some research, read the camera specs and consider the resolution, but don't let it become the only purchasing factor.  

Don't Forget To Look At Storage Space 

Limited storage may hinder a security camera's ability to function and record effectively. Some devices may only capture short segments periodically, or they might have a motion sensor function that kicks them on when movement occurs. Still, when a memory card becomes full, and data gets overwritten, crucial evidence is lost forever. Typically, a high-resolution security camera can burn through storage quickly. Think about looking for a model that is cloud compatible. These types of devices will allow countless numbers of files to be neatly tucked away in one convenient and readily-accessible location.  

Find the Perfect Fit 

For monitoring a substantial amount of outdoor acreage, consider a PTZ model. It may cost quite a bit more than other security cams, but the pan, tilt, and zoom functions ensure that you can see the tiniest details from a long distance. Meanwhile, business and homeowners with aesthetic concerns may find dome cameras with their sophisticated designs to be a more appealing purchase.  

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